Spain is a major character in Hetaoni, described as "The Sun Never Sets in Me". He makes his debut appeareance in Chapter 9 along with Romano in the basement, where he later frees the other nations from the basement cage.

Biographical Information
Born: February 12
Human Name: Antonio Fernández Carriedo
Phyisical Information
Age: 25 ?
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown/Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Family/Allies: Information Pending
Game Skills
Game Weapons: Extra-Large Axe
Fighting: Information Pending
Health: 865 HP, at Lv. 5
Oni Affiliation: None, Enemy.
Nation Affiliation: Information Pending
Loyalty: Information Pending
Live Appearances: The TimeLoop that the game starts on. Spain only arrived to the mansion in one Timeloop.
Dead Appearances: None. (?)

Spain is often shown to be paired up with Romano in Hetaoni as in the Hetalia web-comic.

Weapons, Armor, and AttacksEdit

Weapon: Extra-Lage Axe. He can swing it down with all his might.

Head: Football. It protects his head while he does a heading.

Body: Bullfighting Attire. He got too hyped up about it, so it's pretty expensive.

Accessory: Tomato. Home-grown. This one is for festivals.

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