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Biographical Information
Born: December 30th (Not Sure)
Human Name: Ivan Braginski
Phyisical Information
Age: Unknown?
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: White/Light Grey
Eye Colour: Purple
Family/Allies: Sister: Belarus, Ukraine

Soviet Union: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Allies: England, America,Canada, France,China Axis: Japan, Germany, and North Italy

Game Skills
Game Weapons: Weapons: Pipe Sword
Fighting: Magic: Kolkolkol lv. 10
Health: Information Pending
Oni Affiliation: None, enemy.
Nation Affiliation: Part of the Allies; England, America,Canada, France and China
Loyalty: Information Pending
Live Appearances: Most TimeLoops.
Dead Appearances: One TimeLoop, dead next to France and China.

Russia, also known as Ivan Braginski, is one of the main characters shown in HetaOni, described as "Big-boned" in the game.

He arrived to the Mansion with the Allies, in the First Time Loop you play in. He makes his debut appereance in Chapter 4 of the game, where he and Canada are being attacked by Steve in the first-floor kitchen.

Russia is shown to make phone calls to an unknown person throughout the game, which is speculated to be his sister Belarus. He also has a sister named Ukraine.

Weapons, Armor, and AttacksEdit

Weapon: Water Pipe. It looks like an ordinary water pipe. Oh, my, it changed!

Head: Headband (Blue). Deep blue.

Body: Dirt-Proof Coat. Protected by General Winter

Accessory: Vodka. Extremely dangerous when he drinks it.

In The GameEditEdit

Warning: Spoilers begin here. Continue reading at your own risk.

Chapter III The Allies

Russia arrives at the front of the mansion along with the other Allies nations in the current time loop. Russia seems reluctant to enter into the mansion and suggests that the nations go in to take a look before going back before nightfall.

Russia, America and Canda gather in the corridors of the first floor to talk, while the other nations head off to the second floor.


  • One TimeLoop, he died next to France and China in the Fireplace Room.

Allies in the MansionEdit

When the thought of an Alliance inside of the Mansion was brought up, Russia was reluctant to the fact that they are all nations, not just humans. When giving the idea of the nations making their own human name was made, Russia agreed. His human name was Ivan Braginsky.


Screenshots Removed screenshot, the rules clearly state no screenshots of the MMD CGI are to be posted on any site.

Fan ArtEdit


  • There are speculations on how Russia seems more than he looks. He seems to know more, and even in the first timeloop he was never shown dying, with him only remarking on how he is left alone again then cutting back to Italy.
  • He also seems sensitive to the clocks, being the first to hear and break the clocks in the current timeloop
  • In the last chapters of the game, Russia and China went to `check out something' in the secret area. It is unknown of what had happened or why they did it.
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