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Romano in a fetal position, after having what is thought to be a heart attack, after N.Italy had a heart attack.

Romano, also known as Lovino Vargas, is a major character of HetaOni and the personification of South Italy. He is called Romano by other nations to avoid confusion with his younger brother North Italy, whom he calls Veneziano. He is described as "Wanna be a Pizza" in the character description section of the menu of the game.

Romano and Spain are the last characters to enter into the mansion in Chapter 9. When Romano entered the game, Spain went down the half-burned ladder to look for an opening for Romano to come in.

Biographical Information
Born: March 17
Human Name: Lovino Vargas
Phyisical Information
Age: 22-23
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown/hazel
Eye Colour: Amber
Family/Allies: N.Italy
Game Skills
Game Weapons: Assault Rifle
Fighting: Lovina lvl.42
Health: Lv. 5
Oni Affiliation: None, Enemy.
Nation Affiliation: Information Pending
Loyalty: Information Pending
Live Appearances: The TimeLoop that the game starts on. Romano only arrived to the mansion in one Timeloop.
Dead Appearances: None. (?)

Like in the official series, Romano is depicted to be stubborn and somewhat hot-headed. He treats Spain rather coldly yet deep down cares about him.

In The GameEdit

Chapter 9Edit

Romano makes his debut appearance in this chapter. Spain and Romano appear at the top of the hole that leads down into the basement. Romano informs the assembled nations that he has had glimpses into what Italy has been dealing with.

Chapter 14Edit

Romano goes with Japan and Prussia to search for missing party members. They find a hidden passage behind a hollow and cracked wall in the dojo on the first floor. 

Chapter 16Edit

When Italy's heart stops, Romano goes into what is suspected to be cardiac arrest, although it could be a seizure. 



Assault Rifle. Borrowed from Germany, on the condition that he wouldn't neglect to maintain it.


Football. It protects his head while he does a heading.


Clothes With Bulletproof Vest. You can never be too careful.


Stylish Boots #2. He got mistaken for his brother and was also bought a pair.

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