The Mochi is a minor character that appears in HetaOni. He is situated in the upper right corner of the attic of the mansion, which is the room on the right of the Fourth Floor. His role in HetaOni is minor yet he could be seen talking to the nations and offering them advice throughout the game. 

In the gameEdit

Warning: Spoilers begin here. Continue reading at your own risk.

Chapter I The Mansion Where none Should EnterEdit

The Mochi is seen briefly in the beginning of the game, trying to open the front door, before the screen goes black and the Mochi is presumably taken by Steve.

Chapter II Finding FriendsEdit

In chapter II, the Mochi is revealed after Japan checks behind a bookcase,after the sighting, Japan asks Germany and Prussia to come with him up to the attic to help to get the Mochi out, but alas, they fail.

Chapter XII BedsEdit

Everybody in the mansion goes to the Fourth Floor, after Italy calls Japan asking for food, and thus bringing everyone else there to help. After a while, England feeds the Mochi a scone and it falls out, revealing a very important thing: A strange keyhole, that when activated by putting the piece of metal in it, opens the Fifth Floor staircase.


  • Although Japan states the mochi "Utterly Refuses" to eat, England easily lures the Mochi out by feeding it a scone.



Fanart of the Mochi