Japan is, more or less, the main protagonist for the first part of HetaOni. He is the first character the player controls. He is described as "Master of Reading Moods" in the game.

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Biographical Information
Born: February 11
Human Name: Kiku Honda
Phyisical Information
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Family/Allies: Raised by: China

Axis: Germany, and North Italy

Allies: America, England, France, China, Canada, and Russia

Game Skills
Game Weapons: Weapon: Tachi

Headgear: Otafuku mask

Armor: Kimono

Fighting: Curse attack

Blade of Wrath

Health: Starts with: 741 HP and 534 SP
Oni Affiliation: None, enemy
Nation Affiliation: Member of the Axis: Germany and North Italy
Loyalty: Information Pending
Live Appearances: Successful time loops
Dead Appearances: Various time loops

Japan is shown in the beginning of the game entering the haunted house with Prussia, Germany , and Italy (Veneziano).

When a clock is broken, he is the only one who can see the "future". This means he can see the possibilities of what can happen.

Japan starts with 741 HP and 534 MP .

Weapons and AttacksEdit

Japan's weapon is a Tachi. It is "Japan's personal weapon. It can easily cut bullets." His head gear is an Otafuku mask. It's "Japan's personal defense item. The mask protects him from the neck up." He wears a Kimono for armor. "It is thin but allows him to move quickly." He also has sandals that he has "been wearing since the world summit meeting."

His most basic attack (other than his default attack) is Curse. Curse is described as the ability to "Conjure all resentment towards your opponent."

When Japan grows angry, he can easily take out any monster in the vicinity with a single blow. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurence. One of the times Japan was shown to have used this type of attack, was when using "Blade of Wrath", which can kill the monster in a single attack when used. However "Blade of Wrath" was used only once, when Japan became furious at the monster for attacking England and the other nations while thinking America was behind all of it, seeing as the monster resembles America's alien friend, Tony.

In the GameEdit

Warning: Spoilers begin here. Continue to read at your own risk.

Chapter I The Mansion Where None Should EnterEdit

In the current time loop, Japan arrives at the mansion with Italy, Germany, and Prussia. The moment they walk inside, a crashing noise is heard in a nearby room. Japan goes over to check it out, leaving the others behind.

The player is now in control of Japan. He finds the source of the crashing was from a ceramic plate falling onto the ground. He picks up a shard and heads back towards the others, only to discover that everyone had disappeared. Japan then sets off to search for the others.

Japan finds Germany's whip in one of the rooms on the second floor. Japan then finds Germany on the second floor in the room to the right in the back. Germany appears to be shaken, prompting for Japan to find some water. He discovers the tap in the kitchen is broken and will have to find a different source of water.

In the rooms to the left on the first floor, Japan sees the monster Steve for the first time, facing a door. At this time, Steve's back is turned to Japan. The player can choose between two options:

"What's this!?"

Stay calm.

If the player chooses the first option, the monster turn around and kill Japan, resulting in a Game Over.If the player chooses the second option, the monster will just walk through the door it is standing at.

After the monster leaves, Japan proceeds through the rooms, finding a bathroom with a working tap. He returns to Germany with the water. Germany tells Japan he doesn't know where the others are, saying they all ran in different directions. He asks for time to pull himself together. Before Japan departs again, Germany gives Japan the key to the library on the first floor.

Japan enters the library, finding Steve walking around. Japan picks up the onigiri on the table, which causes Steve to charge at Japan, starting their first battle.

After defeating Steve in battle, Japan runs to the door, only to discover he had dropped the key somewhere in the library. The key is in the very upper left corner of the room, behind a row of shelves. Japan escapes, wondering out loud what that thing was.

Chapter II Finding FriendsEdit

Japan reenters the room, where he finds a key that wasn't seen before. The key opens a door on the fourth floor. Japan finds a mochi stuck in the wall behind a shelf. He is unable to get the mochi out of the wall, so he goes to Germany, thinking he will be able to get it out. Germany asks for his whip, just in case he encounters Steve again. After giving him the whip, Germany asks Japan to find some food.

Japan goes to the first floor. He sees that the door where he saw Steve for the very first time is open. When he heads in, the room is pitch black.

Turn on the switch?



If the player chooses "No", Steve will kill Japan. If the player chooses "Yes", the light will turn on, showing Steve standing in the room. Steve walks forward, starting a battle.

After winning, the lights go off again. After turning them back on, Steve is no where to be seen. Japan goes to grab the key on the table. The screen fades and displays text about Japan buying items from the toilet to restore health and MP. After this, the player can interact with the toilet and buy items with Heta to replenish HP and MP in batte.

Japan goes to the second floor and finds the bedroom the key unlocks. Inside, he finds Prussia. A word of caution, the player must lock the door before talking to Prussia, otherwise Steve will come inside and kill both Japan and Prussia, ending the game. 

If the player locked the door, Steve will come by and try to open the door. After thinking that Steve has left, Prussia suggests to join Germany. They leave the room, only to find Steve standing outside, starting another battle.

After defeating Steve, Japan and Prussia run towards the room Germany is hiding in. Prussia convinces Germany to come out of the closet. He agrees and joins Japan's party.

The three go to the mochi room on the fourth floor. Germany tries to get the mochi out, but it doesn't work. He says he will need a tool. Japan says he will go search for one, and he leaves.

Chapter III The AlliesEdit

Japan goes to the room with the lever, which is the other room on the fourth floor. If the player pulls the lever to "Top", the screen will flash red, and an unknown entity will kill the party, resulting in a Game Over. If the player pulls it to "Middle", nothing will happen. This will, however, come into play later. For now, Japan pulls the lever to "Down", finding a hole in the floor that causes him to fall to the piano on the third floor. Japan finds Italy in the library on the third floor. Japan is surprised that Italy was the one to remain calm in the situation, even being brave enough to wander around in the mansion. Italy asks Japan about Germany and Prussia. Japan replies that they've already been found and they are on the fourth floor. Italy gives Japan some items he found while exploring.

Beer x3

Onigiri x5

150 Heta

Japan and Italy leave for the mochi room. When they arrive, they find Germany and Prussia fighting Steve. Germany and Prussia yell at Japan and Italy to run, but the two pretend to be deaf and proceed to battle the monster anyway. When the battle is done, Germany and Prussia suggest to search for a safe room without splitting up. Before they leave the room, Japan finds a wooden box behind the curtain in the room.

Japan returns to the lever room on the fourth floor and pulls the lever to "Middle". The Second Floor key drops down onto the floor.

The Second Floor key opens two rooms. One room is a room in the upper left side of the second floor. Japan finds a match box underneath the table. The other room the key opens is on the lower right side. This room has a fireplace. When Japan has the match box he locks the door.

Everyone settles down in the room. Japan says the room will probably be safe enough to last through the night. Italy comments on the room being cold, so Germany uses the matches to light up the fireplace. When he's done, everyone starts to despair over the fact that there is no way out of the mansion. Prussia suggests to create an exit, and the others agree. The four are about to sleep before Germany says that someone needs to stay up to keep watch. Japan suggests to play janken. They play, and Prussia loses, so he stays up while the others go to sleep.

Chapter IV GunshotsEdit

Steve is in the kitchen with Canada, RussiaEngland, and China, about to kill England before Japan steps in. He kills Steve out of anger in one hit with the Blade of Wrath.

After Steve disappears, England mentions to Japan it must not have been the first time Japan fought Steve. Japan becomes confused, since he believed that the Allies arrived before the Axis. China says that they just got to the mansion, and Japan wasn't supposed to be there yet. Russia chimes in, saying China sent a message to Japan and he replied from the meeting place. Japan agrees, saying Italy wanted to come so they all came. Canada says it takes 3 hours to get to the mansion from the meeting place to the mansion. After a little while, Japan decides to lead them to the fireplace room on the second floor and sort out the confusion there. Before leaving, China asks Japan about the clothes he found in the fireplace and why they are soaked in blood. Japan tells him the stains are tomato.

Japan finds Italy and Germany in the room with the closet on the second floor. Before he goes to the fireplace room, however, he goes to the lever room on the fourth floor and finds a piece of paper in the crate on the right.

Once everyone gets to the room, Japan starts the meeting off by explaining the situation. Japan received a message from China, so he, along with Italy, Germany, and Prussia, came to the mansion. He was exploring the mansion, and he encountered the monster. Italy also adds that the monster seemed to be targeting him, but since he was good at running away, he escaped. Japan returns to the previous topic, talking about the four staying overnight in the fireplace room.

Italy interrupts, asking if he can burn the wooden box found on the fourth floor. After he goes to put it in the fireplace, Japan continues, saying after he, Italy, and Germany woke up Prussia was missing. There was a blood trail in the hallway, but it eventually ended. Italy says they tried to look for Prussia, but in order not to lose anyone else, he and Germany stood by and Japan went to walk around, where he found the Allies in the kitchen. Japan asks about America and France and why they aren't here. England proceeds to explain about the Allies's time in the mansion so far. America, Canada, and Russia searched the first floor while England, France, and China searched the second floor. China says they had a bad feeling about the second floor, so France stayed to search the second floor while England and China searched the third and fourth floor. After returning to the second floor France had disappeared and Japan's burnt clothes were found. When the two went back the first floor they found Canada and Russia fighting Steve.

Japan says he noticed the creature looked familiar. Germany says it looks like a friend of America's. Italy says it probably was just a prank of America's that went too far. Canada disagrees, and the screen fades.

Chapter V Three PathsEdit

Canada continues that the monster is not Tony because they would never attack each other for real. When Steve attacked them earlier, he was knocked out and when he awoke, America and Steve were both gone. The group concludes Steve is not Tony so they shouldn't feel safe. 

Italy finds the Hallway Key inside the burnt box. Afterwards, they discuss about splitting into three groups to search the rooms. Soon, Steve attempts to open the door, and everyone realizes the room is not safe anymore. They quickly split into three groups: Japan, China, and Russia fight Steve, Germany and Italy search for the room the key opens, and England and Canada go to the piano room. Everyone agrees to meet in the piano room after completing their tasks. At that time, Steve breaks in, so Japan wishes everyone luck before dealing a hit to Steve, giving the other four a path to escape.

Now, the player can choose to play as one of the three groups. The player has to play as all three groups and successfully complete the tasks to progress though the game.

Japan, Russia, & China

Japan, Russia, and China fight Steve. Russia asks why Japan couldn't use that attack that killed Steve with one hit in the kitchen (Blade of Wrath). Japan explains he believed America was playing a prank on them with Tony and was a very agitated. Now that he realized the monster is not Tony, his rage is now gone. After some dialogue on what will happen once they get out and go home, the battle begins.

After the battle, China asks Japan about the tomato stains. Japan says that morning he, Italy, and Germany encountered the monster again so Italy threw tomatoes at it to make it go away. However, the tomato ended up hitting Japan in the back instead. Later, the smell was starting to bother him, so he threw the clothes into the fireplace.

After a while, Russia breaks a clock because it was loud. Japan then talks about how all their watches are out of sync. China says the time on his watch is 11:42, and it turns out the other two's watches read the same. The three discover time flow can return to normal in a room once a clock is broken, so if they break all the clocks, the flow of time can return to normal.

Russia recieves a phone call, even though there is no reception. When he answers the phone, the piano note "So" is heard.

After completing the other two groups' tasks, everyone will meet in the piano room. Japan tells everyone of his group's discovery about the clocks. His group had already broke all the clocks on the first and second floor, so only the upper floors are left. Italy reports about finding a piece of paper and a safe inside a room in the kitchen. Canada suggests the numbers on the piano keys probably have to do with the password to open the safe. 

England's phone suddenly rings, and when answered, the piano note "Re" is heard. Everyone thinks this is a huge hint. Japan says the clues could lead to ther rescue of America and France. With that comment, confusion arises. Everyone claims different people were missing. Italy claims only Prussia and France are missing, while England claims only America was missing, and so on. Then Japan gets confused, thinking he came to the mansion with America. Italy corrects him, saying Japan came with him, Germany, and Prussia. The confusion continues.

Chapter VI PasswordEdit

The player is now in control of Japan. He finds a clock in the drawers in the upper left corner of the room. When he breaks it, there is an orange flash and gives Japan a lot of different memories of the arrival at the mansion, going through many before Japan confirms the correct memory. After finishing, Japan decides to go back to the others. When he does, everyone had given up on the memory conflict and are now trying to figure out the password for the safe. Germany receives the fourth call, hearing piano note "Si" on the phone.

Japan gathers the notes, which are "Re", "Sol", "La", and "Si". Canada points out the four notes on the piano, which has a blue 4, a red 2, a yellow 6, and a green 9 written on the keys. The paper Germany and Italy found fits perfectly with the other piece of paper Japan found. When put together, there are four rectangles lined up horizantally that are yellow, red, green, and blue from left to right. Match up the color of the numbers with the color of the boxes to get a different order of numbers. The password is found to be 5294.

The group heads for the safe room except for Italy, who stays behind for a little while in the piano room.

"I'm not making a mistake, right? I'm not making a mistake at all! But I wonder if Japan will get mad at me... Ahaha. Germany definitely will... He won't want to be my friend anymore."

After he finishes talking, the screen will switch to Japan. The safe gives Japan the Study Key. The study is in the room where Italy and Germany were when they found the piece of paper. When Japan enters the room, he finds a switch under the table, which replaces the crack on the wall to the left with a door. The door reveals a room with a jail cell wall with a key inside the cell. This time the player has to lock the door Japan entered through, not the cell door. Otherwise, Steve will enter the room and kill the party while they're inside the cell.

After Japan retrieves the key and leaves the room, Steve will be outside waiting. The player controls Japan, running from Steve. After losing Steve, he goes to the only locked door (the basement, which he just got the key for), but first decides to search for and break more clocks. He reenters the study where everyone is waiting for him, and the second meeting starts.

This meeting is for settling the confusion about the differing memories. They discover the breaking the clocks causes the memory confusion. They try to remember where the whole thing started, which was at the meeting place.

Everyone was gathered at the meeting place. America had heard rumors about the mansion, which was why England, France, Russia, China, and Canada came along with him. Japan had said no, so China sent Japan a text message saying they arrived at the mansion. When Japan got the message, Italy said he wanted to come, too, so Japan, Germany, and Prussia came along with him. 

However, as mentioned before, the nations all had different memories of who they came with. Italy draws the conclusion not to believe the memories given by the clocks. Germany then breaks the clock.

Japan has the usual false memories of events that already happened in the mansion, but this time, he gets a vision of a room he has never seen before. In this vision, he, Italy, Prussia, and Germany are in a small room. Germany starts saying pessimistic comments about how it really is impossible to escape. Prussia gets mad at him, saying there are still many ways to escape. Germany apologizes, wishing he was able to protect everyone better. Italy finally speaks.

"You'll be able to get out this time. And if you get out, run straight ahead. Don't look back, no matter what happens, and get time-"

Steve gets through the door behind Italy.

"Promise me, Germany."

Italy is about to be attacked, then the vision ends.

When Japan comes back to his senses, he is initially confused. He calms down, trying to pass the memories off as false. Germany says he never had any false memories. Later, Japan asks everyone if they ever saw a new room. Everyone says their memories only happened in rooms they've been in so far. Japan thinks for a little while, trying to convince all the memories are false, but if the room does exist, Italy would die. Japan then asks Italy,

"Are you... Are you hurt somewhere?"

Italy, surprised by the question, says he isn't hurt at all. He then leaves the room. Japan becomes suspicious of whether the memories received by the clocks were false.

Chapter VII Memories?Edit

The player controls Japan. The group heads towards the basement. In the room with two doors, Japan first goes through the door north, finding the Cell Door key in some drawers. Italy comes out and asks Japan what's been bothering him. Japan says it's nothing and asks if there is something bothering Italy, since he's shaking. Italy says it's his imagination and adds to forget everything about the clocks. Japan says the memories may be some kind of hint, but Italy yells at Japan, insisting for him to forget about the clocks, and then he leaves the room.

Japan goes out the door and goes through the other door to get to a gray hallway. The first door, on the right, has a crack on the wall to the very right. Investigating the wall will reveal a secret door, which links up the rooms in the basement. Japan continues south, finding a cell wall. He uses the Cell Door Key to open the door then goes west. In that room, America, Prussia, and France are inside a cell. They say they're trapped, so Japan opens the door and talks to America. A meeting will start with Prussia explaining how the three got there.

That night the Axis and Prussia were staying in the fireplace room, Japan, Italy, and Germany were sleeping when all of a sudden, someone started to pound on the door. The three wouldn't wake up, so Prussia opened the door and slashed. The one who was at the door was France, and the slash caused him to bleed, which was why there was a trail of blood. The two exchanged some information, then Steve showed up. Not wanting to wake the three up, Prussia and France fought Steve in the hallway, but due to the disadvantage, they ran away to the first floor. They were running when they saw Steve fighting America ahead of them. They were going to sneak away, but America waved his hands for help, which got the two dragged into the fight. The three of them were still not strong enough for Steve, so they ran into the cell for safety. However, they couldn't open the door from the inside, so they had to wait for the others to open the door.

After Prussia finishes, Canada suggests to split into two groups; one to explore the basement, one to explain the situation to Prussia, America, and France. Japan offers to explore the basement. America exclaims he wants to go along with Japan. Japan reluctantly allows him to come. England decides to come along, since something has been bothering him.

The player controls Japan. Japan goes back out into the hallway and goes onto the other path, which has a room with a big table. He goes out the door to the bottom right, which leads to the outdoors. He continues along the path to find a rope ladder at the end of it. England says they found an exit and goes back to tell the others. Japan is about to follow him before America stops him, asking Japan why he brought him along. Japan notices America had grown sharper, and America replies he's been reading the atmosphere a lot more lately. So Japan chats with America.

Japan and America go back inside to the room with the big table, where they find England in front of some bookshelves, standing in a glowing circle. England reveals he is able to stop the monster for two seconds. After a while, America finds a clock on the shelf and wants to break it. Japan finds it unecessary, thinking they no longer need to break any more clocks since they had already secured an exit. America insists on breaking it because he wants to experience it. England breaks the clock.

This time Japan sees the future once again. He is standing on the rock path with Italy, Germany, and Prussia, about to head towards the rope ladder. Germany complains the others are too slow, so he goes ahead. Later, Germany screams. When the three head towards him, Steve is standing at the ladder, which is burnt. The group runs, but Germany trips, which causes Steve to kill him.

The real Japan decides to call out to Prussia about Germany tripping. Another scene shows, where everything repeats, except Prussia protects Germany from Steve, losing his life. 

The real Japan tries to attack Steve at the ladder; however, Steve is too strong, knocking Japan back. Italy stands there and apologizes, saying he had made another mistake. He doesn't move, so Steve runs towards him. Germany jumps in front of Italy before Steve attacks, killing both of them.

Japan comes back to reality. America also comes back to reality, commenting on how it wasn't as fun as he thought it would be. He asks what reality is real again, with England responding to try to figure it out, and if he can't, then ask Germany, who isn't being affected. America says England looks a little unfocused, and asks him how many fingers he's holding up. The whole time, Japan is worrying about what to do since his friends die no matter what route he chooses.

The group heads back to the others, prepared to escape. America says he wants to explore a little more. Some others go with him, so that leaves Italy, Germany, Japan, and Prussia to the exit. The group leaves, but Prussia holds Japan back, wanting to talk to him.

Prussia asks Japan what's been bothering him. Japan replies with:

"From now on... If I make a choice, I lose someone, and if I follow a different path to save them, I'll lose someone else..."

Japan says the more he tries to save everyone, the stronger Steve becomes. Prussia asks if how Japan has been defeating it on his own until now. Japan says he was able to defeat it with the help of Italy, Prussia, and Germany, also in the fireplace with China and Russia. Prussia points out that Japan never really defeated Steve by himself. He asks why Japan is trying to solve everything himself when the battle involved many people. Prussia tells Japan he is still forgeting something and leaves the room.

Japan heads towards the other three at the door to outside. Like Japan saw in the memories provided by the clock, Germany goes ahead. Japan begins to realize something. Germany screams, prompting the other three to run towards him, where they find Steve at the rope ladder, which is burnt. Prussia laughs, realizing what Japan was saying. The four run towards the door, but Germany trips. Japan lets Prussia know about Germany, so Prussia runs over and saves him while still staying alive. Prussia asks Japan whether he has his answer yet, and Japan replies yes, saying even though the enemy got stronger, everyone else had also gotten stronger. Germany shouts at them, asking why in the world they would come back, and Prussia replies:

"Because... I can't think of a reason why I wouldn't help my little brother!"

After defeating Steve in battle, Prussia suggests to run, unable to physically defeat it. The player controls Japan, running back into the house. Japan talks to Russia, France, China, and Canada, who are all lined up in the hall in that order. Canada tells Japan America and England are in the next room. Japan and the others enter that room, which was a small, square room. As Prussia and Germany are talking, Japan feels like he is forgetting something very important. Germany continues to be pessimistic, and Japan recalls Prussia gets at him for that. As the conversation continues, Japan frantically tries to remember what he needed to remember, otherwise he would regret it. Italy joins the conversation, saying he thinks they can get out. He doesn't finish his sentence. When France asks Italy what's wrong, Italy replies with:

"No matter what, don't look back, don't forget about me, don't blame me, don't cry, and time-"

Japan thinks a little more, and soon realizes this is what happened in a vision ealier. Steve appears through the door behind Italy. Italy says goodbye, and a slash is heard.

Chapter VIII Two More SecondsEdit

There is a flashback to the conversation between Japan and America at the rope ladder. Japan asks whether America still has strength left, and after America replies yes, Japan suggests for America to try to be a hero. America says it sounds interesting.

Time flashes to America and England in the small room. America asks England about the ability to freeze time, and England replies saying he can do it for three seconds at the most, but he would most likely pass out afterwards. America tells England two seconds is enough to save a life. He says he would carry England on his shoulders and run if he passes out, and asks England to be his backup.

Time flashes to Russia, China, Canada, and France in the huge room with the couches and table. They create a plan since they heard from America that Italy could be in danger. This explains why Russia, France, China, and Canada were all lined up in the hallway, prepared when Japan came to inform them about Steve burning the rope ladder.

Time flashes back to the current situation. America had moved in front of Italy, preventing Steve from attacking Italy with using an iron pipe. This bought time for England, who started to use his magic to stop Steve. Meanwhile, everyone prepares to attack. England stops his magic and collapses. Another battle with Steve will start. 

After the battle ends, America looks over at the unconcious England and wishes he would have a better place to sleep. Germany decides to show everybody the safe room, which is behind the big metal door Germany hid behind after the first encounter with Steve. Prussia hears a voice in his head. Prussia yells at it to shut up, and he realizes he is the only one who heard the voice. Everyone heads towards the room.

When they go in, everyone gazes in awe. There are two huge tables, comfortable beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. England wakes up. Most of the nations decide to sleep or heal.

In the bathroom, there is a new toilet that sells Onigiri and Beer, as well as Hot Pepper and the Elixir. 

Japan goes to talk to America, who finished taking a bath. Japan thanks America for helping Italy earlier. America and Japan discuss about the fact that Italy seemed to be hiding something. Japan hopes that Italy would tell them eventually, and heads off to bed to sleep.

Italy has a dream of a time loop where Japan dies.

In the morning, everybody begins a conference where they talk about their current situation. America confirms that it is just a coincidence that Tony looks like Steve. After a while, America asks why everyone wasn't blaming him more, since he was the one who started the whole ordeal. Everyone else tells him that they were the ones who chose to come with him, so it is not his fault. Afterwards, Italy asks if everyone could go to the basement, since he has something he wants to talk to them about there. Germany also requests to go outside near the burnt escape rope, since he saw something there.

Germany searches the ground to remove the object he tripped over when they were running from Steve, but he doesn't find it. He assumed it was just a vine or stone, but he realizes that it felt more like a hand, trying to trip him and keep him on the ground. Germany stops the conversation, which had increasingly become more creepy, and Japan asks Italy where he wanted to go. Italy and the others go to the cell where America, France, and Prussia were locked up in. Before they leave. Germany takes the Piece of Metal Italy found on the ground.

In the cell room, Italy asks for the others to go inside the cell to try to open the wooden crate that was inside. Everyone begins to pile into the cell. Before Germany starts to head in, Italy asks for the Piece of Metal back, claiming he wanted to examine it a bit. After receiving the Piece of Metal, Italy kicks Germany into the cell and locks the door.

Italy tells the nations, who are all locked in the cell, that there is nothing in the box. Along with that, Italy reveals that he was the one who told America about the rumors of the mansion. Italy tells the others to stay there for a little while. Just as Italy is leaving, America tells him:

"You really should have learnt to smile a little more naturally. Did you forget what we said yesterday? The one who laid out the rails... yeah, it was you. But I chose to run on them. I could have chosen not to, but I chose to get on those rails. No one thinks it's your fault."

Japan tells Italy to open to door, saying they could get out together, but Italy says they can't. Italy also informs the others that Steve is after him, then he leaves the room.


  • When Japan plays the piano, he plays "iNSaNiTY" by SF-A2 Miki, a Vocaloid song.


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