The items are the objects in the inventory. The list of the items could be seen in the menu.

List of items in the gameEdit

Water - Not sure if you can call it water. It might be dangerous. Fatally dangerous.

Onigiri - Restores 500 HP of one character.

Beer - Restores 500 MP of one character.

Hot Pepper - Restores the ability to battle. Make it hotteeeeeer!!

Elixir - Do you think you could trade it with someone?

Ceramic Shard - A piece of a broken plate. Small but very sharp.

Key from Germany - It opens the library room on the first floor.

Fourth Floor Key - Opens the attic on the fourth floor.

Bedroom Key - Opens the bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Piece of Paper B - It's torn in half. Just because it's a B doesn't mean there's also an A.

Wooden Box - Light-weighted box made of wood.

Second Floor Key - Solid key. Opens the living rooms on the second floor.

Match Box - Contains 12 matches.

Burnt Clothes - They belong to Japan . There's blood on it.

Hallway Key - Opens the hallway on the first floor.

Study Key - Opens the study on the first floor.

Basement Key - Key that leads to the basement.

Cell Door Key - Key to the cell door in the basement.

Blueberry - Provided by someone.

Scone - Made by England . It's been left alone for quite a while, and it doesn't seem to have changed at all.

Mysterious Lump - A total mystery, It is warm to the touch, but it also makes you feel very sad.

Master's Ribbon - Proof that you've beaten the ultimate foe.

Excalibur - The sword of the legendary King Arthur.

Orb of Memories - ???

Fragment of Memories - ???

Neo-Kyno's Key - ???

Pianodream's Key - ???