Italy, also known as Veneziano Feliciano Vargas, is one of the main characters of HetaOni, described as "Wanna be a Pasta" in the game.

Italy (N.Italy)
Biographical Information
Born: March 17th
Human Name: Feliciano Vargas
Phyisical Information
Age: ca: 2283 (country unified)

Physical: 20

Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown/Auburn
Eye Colour: Brown/Amber
Family/Allies: Brother: South Italy/Romano

Axis: Germany, Japan

Allies: America, England, France, China, Russia

Game Skills
Game Weapons: Journal
Fighting: Information Pending
Health: Information Pending
Oni Affiliation: Contractor
Nation Affiliation: Member of the Axis: Germany and Japan
Loyalty: Information Pending
Live Appearances: Most, nearly all time loops
Dead Appearances: Several time loops

He is presumably the center of the story, as everything in the game seems to involve his participation or influence.

Italy is a member of the Axis along with Japan, Germany and Prussia. He also has an older brother named Romano.

Italy is shown to suffer from anxiety problems and can't seem to sleep well in the game, even in the presence of his fellow countries, which hints that he's been troubled by the thought of the Oni.

He is shown to be the Oni's target after he signed a contract with a journal as the new 'Ryuuzu'. His journal is also his weapon, which is referred to as the Bible in the Equip list.

In the game, it is revealed that Italy signed the contract in order to turn back time after all the nations who entered the mansion in the First Time Loop were killed except Italy. After Italy exited the mansion, the Oni followed him out, and he demanded to be taken back in time to save his friends.

Weapons, Armor, and AttacksEdit

Weapon: Bible. He has it memorized and often reads it out loud.

Head: Silk Hat. He uses it to flirt. It doesn't help.

Body: Stylish Clothes. Fashionable in several places. There is candy in the pockets.

Accessory: Stylish Boots. Japan bought them. Wearing them for the first time!

Italy Veneziano is more magic-based. His skills do not attack the enemy directly; rather, they lower its stats. Also, he can strengthen the party and heal them.

Carbonara: Restores the HP of one character.

Peperoncino: A skill that reduces the enemy's speed.

Pescatore: Restores HP for the whole party.

Vongole: Increases the strength of one single party member.

In The GameEdit

Warning: Spoilers begin here. Continue reading at your own risk.

Chapter I: The Mansion Where None Should Enter

Italy arrives at the mansion along with Japan, Germany, and Prussia. They head in; immediately afterwards, a crash is heard in a nearby room. Japan leaves the group to find the source of the noise. When he returns, everyone has disappeared.

It is later revealed by Germany that everyone has split up and ran in different directions upon coming across the Oni.


Game Edit

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