"I'm sorry America. I longer see..."

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Biographical Information
Born: April 23
Human Name: Arthur Kirkland
Phyisical Information
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Green
Family/Allies: Scotland (older brother).

America (adoptive son/brother)

Allies: America,Canada, France, Russia, China.

Game Skills
Game Weapons: Weapon: Secret Grimoire; Magic.
Fighting: Spells: Expecto Patronum
Health: Lv. 420
Oni Affiliation: None, Enemy.
Nation Affiliation: The Allies
Loyalty: Info Pending
Live Appearances: A few timeloops
Dead Appearances: In the second time loop, where England explodes the entire Piano Room to help Italy, Germany, and America escape. Mentioned to be dead in most other timeloops too.

England, also known as Arthur Kirkland, is one of the characters of HetaOni, described as "Pub->Pub+- >PubH” in the game.

His ability is magic, but he is unable to use it for most of the game. He was only able to use some of his magic after breaking a seal that was presumably left by one of his past selves.

Every time a lump of magic is found after that, England's magical ability will be further restored.

In the game, it is shown that England is able to send the other countries back in time. Once the black circle disappears, the people that were sent back in time are unable to come back.

Weapons, Armor, and AttacksEdit

Weapon: Secret Grimoire. A suspicious accessory. It's contents are kept a secret.

Head: Headband (Yellow). Mustard coloured.

Body: Gentleman Clothes. Apparently easy to take off and turn into an angel.

Accessory: Pathetic Scone. Something that is supposed to be a scone. Very pathetic.

Attacks: Expecto Patronum

In The GameEdit

Warning: Spoilers begin here. Continue reading at your own risk.

Chapter IV: Gunshots Edit

Dear Alfred, by the time you read this, America, and Canada. After some exploring with China, When they goes to the fourth floor with and check out the red chair, they hears some gunshots and runs to the second floor.

Chapter V: Three PathsEdit

England gets grouped with Canada . He leaves Canada alone in the piano room, and he gets spotted by Steve after England left.

England receives a strange phone call at the end of this chapter.

Chapter VII: MemoriesEdit

England feels uneasy about the basement.

England, Japan and America explores the basement and England departs after they found the the rope ladder.

Chapter VIII: Two More SecondsEdit

Steve appears and England casts a spell on him, leading to the sixth Boss Battle. He faints after the battle from exhaustion.


  • In the first timeloop, his body was shown to lie right besides Canada's body in a bed, watched over by America, who offers to stay with them both. He says they are both 'important to him'- presumably due to them being his (adoptive) family.
  • In another time loop he saves Italy, America and Germany and lets them escape back to their timeline- blowing up the piano room and killing himself and that timeline's America at the same time.
  • It is mentioned that England is the one who dies the most throughout all the timeloops due to his magic.
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