A boss battle are the battles where the user has to battle with Steve . The boss battle is one of those very few occasions where the user can confront Steve without game over. There are numerous boss battles during the game.

Boss Battles of the GameEdit

First Boss BattleEdit

Japan enters the library to find Steve wandering inside. He suddenly disappears, only to quickly reappear when Japan takes a look at the papers on the table and picks up the Rice Ball. If the user runs to the door, he will discover that it's locked. The user hence has to fight against Steven in this boss battle to continue the game.

Second Boss BattleEdit

The first boss battle occurs in Chapter II of the game. Japan enters the bathroom's doorway on the first floor. REMEMBER TO TURN THE LIGHTS ON. Once they are switched on, Japan is finds Steve standing right in front of him and he has a boss battle with him. When the boss battle is over, Japan picks up the  "Bedroom Key", which is located on the table at the left.

Third Boss BattleEdit

Japan enters the lower left gallery on the first floor (he needs to use the Bedroom Key to open it) and finds Prussia inside. REMEMBER TO LOCK THE DOOR. After talking with Prussia, they leave the room only to find Steve waiting outside.

Fourth Boss BattleEdit

In Chapter IV, China finds Russia and Canada being confronted by Steve in the kitchen. Steven defeats them, but Japan comes along and joins the party for the fourth boss battle.

Fifth Boss BattleEdit

In Chapter VII, the user heads to the save tunnel, only to find Steve confronting him there as in his reminiscence. The fifth boss battle takes place.

Sixth Boss BattleEdit

In Chapter VIII, England casts a stunning spell on Steve so that the party has enough time to prepare for the sixth boss battle.

Seventh Boss BattleEdit

In Chapter XII, the user finds the metal piece in the room across the fireplace room, and yet gets attacked by Steve as soon as he picks it up.