America, also known as Alfred F. Jones, is one of the major characters of HetaOni, described as "HERO" in the game.

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Biographical Information
Born: July 4
Human Name: Alfred F. Jones
Phyisical Information
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Family/Allies: Canada (brother)

England (adoptive older brother/ father)

Allies: America,Canada, France, Russia, China.

Game Skills
Game Weapons: Guns/Pistols
Fighting: Fighting Skills
Health: Health
Oni Affiliation: None, enemy
Nation Affiliation: The Allies
Loyalty: Fellow nations
Live Appearances: Most TimeLoops
Dead Appearances: When England n' Canada lie dead up in one loop, he be also shown ta be slowly dyin of his own woundz n' chizzlez ta stay wit dem rather than leave.

His weapon of choice is a pistol that England gave him.

America first hears of the deserted mansion, which is about three hours away from the world summit, from the Axis. He makes his debut appearance in Chapter 7, where Japan , Italy , Germany , Canada , England , China , Russia reunites with him, Prussia and France in the basement.

Because the monster Steve looks like his alien friend Tony, the other countries blame him for the mess they are in. It is later confirmed that Steve is a different entity than Tony.


Weapon: Hero's Pistol: England gave it to him once. He's a good shooter.

Head: Cow Boy Hat. It's stylish, though it's covered with dust.

Body: Hero's Jacket. He would not change it for anything.

Accessory: Hero's Burger. Very useful when you're hungry.

In the GameEdit

Chapter III The AlliesEdit

America, England, France, RussiaChina, and Canada arrive at the mansion in the current time loop. They head inside, where they split into two groups; America, Canada, and Russia search the first floor, and England, France, and China search the second floor. America, Russia, and Canada are in the middle of conversation when Steve appears, charging at America.

Chapter VI PasswordEdit

When everyone is gathered at the meeting place, America explained that he became interested in the mansion after he heard rumours about it, which was why England, France, Russia, China, and Canada came along with him.

Chapter VII Memories?Edit

Japan and the others find America, Prussia, and France locked up in a cell in the basement. Japan talks with him after he opens the door.

Prussia starts a meeting explaining how the trio ended up in the cell. Prussia and France came across America fighting with Steve in the first floor. At first, they planned to sneak away, yet America waved his hand for help and the two had to fight alongside America. The three of them could not win against Steve, so they fled to the cell for protection.

After Prussia finished talking, America exclaims that he wants to accompany Japan and explore the basement together. Japan reluctantly allows him to tag along.

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